Welcome to South Bay Financial Partners, here to help with over 20 years of expertise.
27th May 2020

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Personalized Financial Planning

No cookie cutter reports, no off the shelf software to figure out your future.

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Investment Guidance

Bringing years of proven industry expertise
in driving our planning approach.

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Friendly Assistance

We take pride in our ability to
serve your planning and managment needs

Our Services
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Want to know if your current behaviors are holding you back financially?


No matter where you want your retirement savings to take you, with us it’s quick and easy to put a plan in motion.

Tax Preparation

Taxes can have a big impact on your wealth accumulation. Integrating tax planning with the rest of your services can maximize results.

College Debt

Finished with classes? Let us help you develop a plan that fits your needs so we can tackle this debt together.

How We’re Different

We do not offer off-the -shelf financial planning. We deal specifically on a personal basis offering fully customized and individually tailored planning to meet your needs and visions. Each person is unique with individual values and goals. Your financial services should be just as unique.
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About South Bay Financial Partners

Personalized Financial Planning – no cookie cutter reports, no off-the-shelf software to figure out your future. Each person is unique with individual values and goals. Your financial services should be just as unique. Your reports should uniquely address your path and show where you are on that path. If you don’t want an “off the shelf” plan or a quarterly report that looks like everyone else’s, contact us. If you want personalize answers to your financial questions, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of financial advice do you give?

At South Bay Financial Partners we help individuals manage all types of areas including; Personal Finance, Wealth Managment, Retirement, Estate Planning, Budgeting Analysis, and Insurance Analysis

Do you offer individually tailored investment plans?

We offer a multitude of Wealth Management Service Plans. Anywhere from small portfolios to multi-million dollar asset managment

How would I go about planning for my retirement?

The best place to start would be with a simple introduction. Let’s get to know one another and we can better identify which direction to move towards. 

Relationship based Financial Planning for people like you

Why Choose South Bay Financial Partners?


With over 20 years of experience working with hundreds of clients you’ll be in good hands.


When planning for the future financial planning is something to get excited about, and we’re here to help.


We understand the seriousness of planning, and our diligence will ensure you get the optimum results.